Friday, June 14, 2013

A Day Picnic With Garden Tents Canvas

Posted by raj john On 10:58 AM

If you were thinking to celeberate a day with your friends in this summer then this is the best idea in your mind.You can plan a sweet picnic day or can go on fishing with your life partner. Spring is a season of travel, fishing and everything else that is good in this hot season.

Take your convenient garden tents wherever you want, developed to fit in a small bag. Garden tent are developed to be quickly constructed and taken down in as little as 2 minutes moment.

When selecting the garden tents, the high quality professional easy up camping tents are absolutely perfect for all professional programs, and rankings right at the top of our variety of immediate, pop-up convenient offers. The structure is created from 40mm aluminum extrusions, and all joint parts and relies are steel, and not nasty, for extra durability. The feet have flexible size configurations, and the whole device can be constructed by two people in under a moment.

As to the dimension, our garden tent comes in various dimension 4m x 6m massive garden tents and can be joined up with shelter surface areas. All canvases can be completely printed and come in PVC Covered Cotton Material and are suitable for celebrations, company events, school functions, sports groups, market booths and exhibitons.


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