Thursday, July 29, 2010

Colorful Beach Tents

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Beach tents are presented in a variety of colors. Though these tents can be hired on location, several people prefer to have their possess beach tent so that they may be able to go camping on any beach every time they want. Owning one of these tents means that you have the freedom to use them wherever you want. Generally, these are insubstantial and hence are portable.

The various types of beach tents that are available are:

Frame Tents : Frame Tents are provides sufficient space and relieve for camping. They are framed by aluminum or steel poles, and can be set up with the help of two people only.

Dome Tents : As the name suggests they are dome shaped and are very compact and lightweight.

Pop up Beach Tents : These are very simply set up and take now a few seconds to do so. It has a unique hub system which leads to its easy pop up. These are exceptional for kids.

Beach Canopy Tents : Beach Canopy Tents large in size and are used for parties and weddings.

Family Tents : They are made of durable materials that provide brawny support. These also easily accommodate 3 - 4 people.

Beach tents have come a long way since their unique design and are now presented in a variety of styles. Where some are designed as cabanas, others are styled as birds' wings. Some smooth represent beach huts that are planned as a mix of a cabana and a beach umbrella. Some of the most common features of these are:

• They are made of polyester. Some of them feature fiberglass waterproof floors, mesh windows and also Velcro-fastened flaps.

• Some of them have small pockets where you can store knick knacks that you need on your tour.


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